We walk with you every step of the way from:

1. Discovering right-fit Talents
2. Developing a customised technical and soft skills programme based on your needs
3. Providing the Talents with proactive and ongoing support throughout their internship at your organisation.


We achieve this through a combination of 3 elements:

1. Skills development
2. Mentorship
3. Personal Development Sessions along with an employment experience in an organisation that complements the academic background.


We also offer stand-alone workshops for organisations of any size or industry and across the public, private and non-profit sectors.


These workshops occur across two days per topic and are facilitated by experts on the topics.


The critical soft skills topics covered in the workshops include and not limited to:

- Leadership and talent development 
- Purpose and values 
- Communication and Presentation Techniques 
- Training in time management and projects 
- Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship 
- Social responsibility and sustainability 
- Guidance, tutoring and peer review 
- Work in teams and in business cases 
- General management training 
- Professionalism at work 
- Global, local and labor culture 
- Personal branding, planning and career development 
- EQ and leadership