We empower graduates to be active contributors to socio-economic development by unlocking the pool of hidden talent in South Africa. In doing so we provide a sustainable and competitive source of talent for companies.


We believe that there is no shortage of talent in developing countries and that through a comprehensive program that is focused on developing demonstrated potential, the current disconnect between graduates and industry can be curbed. A high level of graduate unemployment represents a major challenge for developing countries and their economic development. Not only are employers deprived of crucial degree based skills but the youth themselves are also excluded from the labour force. A lack of not only workplace but also social capital experience is one of the main obstacles preventing unemployed graduates from entering the workforce. Society views this inexperience as a ‘problem’ - we see it as an opportunity.


The Experience Factory’s vision was born out of the recognition that our education system alone is not able to adequately bridge the gap between what graduates derive from their respective qualifications and what the working and business spheres require of them. This gap is further pronounced in those that come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. To get experience you need experience. We understand this frustration, and The Experience Factory has designed a program that seeks to address unemployment amongst graduates whilst providing employers with nurtured talent. We do this through the delivery of applied learning workshops, shared peer learning platform and one on one mentorship. This is provided before talents are placed and throughout their internship program. 

We believe in grit.

The unemployed graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds have overcome so many challenges and obstacles to attaining a university degree. We believe that the resilience, tenacity, and ambition these graduates possess would be an invaluable asset to any organisation. We provide the environment for the talents to thrive and learn about themselves, but it is their intangible values and mindset that they bring that is most important.


We believe in integrity.

Throughout our process of working with the talents, we pride ourselves on taking an authentic and transparent approach in helping each unemployed graduate in their journey towards employment. For the talents to maximise their own development, they must be honest and transparent with themselves about where they come from, and where they want to go.


We believe in empathy.

To truly unlock the potential our talents possess, it is vital to appreciate and understand their stories and backgrounds. We create an inclusive and respectful environment to help each unemployed graduate learn about themselves and express their true feelings. In this way, we provide a platform for self-development.